Clinical and Operational

Clinical and Operational Collaborations

Hand Hygiene Module (
The following module teaches how to perform proper hand hygiene in order to decrease the spread of infections in a healthcare environment. Created May 2013; Content approved by TAHSNe; Next Review Date May 2014.

Sharps Safety Module (
The following module elaborates on the proper prevention techniques and management of sharps injuries in a healthcare environment.  Created May 2013; Content aproved by TAHSNe; Next Review Date May 2014.

MaRS Innovation (MI)
MaRS Innovation (MI) is a joint venture between MaRS and its Toronto-based academic affiliates that will, for the first time, aggregate the exceptional discovery pipeline of 14 leading Toronto academic institutions to build a diversified portfolio of assets, and harness the economic potential of the best opportunities. 

University of Toronto Inter-Professional Education
The Inter-Professional Education (IPE) project (currently being trialed at the University Health Network (UHN), Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and St. Michael’s Hospital) aims to advance teamwork in hospitals, building inter-professional cooperation and collaboration at all levels of management, in order to ensure that patients receive the best quality of care. 

Networking Centres of Excellence in Simulation, Teaching & Learning
This project is a joint effort to link facilities, services and resources across TAHSN and the Michener Institute for Applied Sciences in order to support inter-professional clinical education, evaluate simulated learning, and investigate opportunities to further enhance collaboration between academic health science centres across the Network.

Joint Health Research Advocacy
As part of ongoing activities to support and promote a shared academic mission, TAHSN organizations regularly engage in the development and coordination of joint health research advocacy strategies.